Sunday, December 30, 2012

Postal History and stamps of Serbia

First stamp of Serbia 1866
Serbia issued its first stamp in 1866 and continued issuing its stamps till 1920 when its postal system was merged with that of the former Austro-Hungarian territories. After the Nazi Germany established Nedić's Serbia in 1941 it issued its own stamps until 1944. Initially, Yugoslavian stamps were simply overprinted in German with the word Serbien

 Yugoslavia stamp with overprint Serbien 1941
Later regular issues were inscribed both Serbien and Србија (Serbia). 

Airmail stamp with Serbia overprint - 1942
A 1942 issue reprinted with "Bombardment of City of Nis" in 1943
From 1944 onward, Serbia was part of Yugoslavia. 

First Serbian Stamp issued in 2006 after independance
Upon the dissolution of the union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006, Serbia began issuing its own stamps once more. The Post of Serbia issues the country's stamps.


Serbia issued a set of 18 stamps on the eve of FIFA World Cup Football held in South Africa 2010.

The stamp showed flags of all 32 countries that participated in the tournament.

The stamps above showed the national flags of South Africa and Serbia in the background

Postal History/First Serbian stamp courtesy: Wikipedia
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