Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Pakistan Postage Stamps - 1983

Pakistan Post issued stamps on fifteen different occasions of national and international importance. However the hallmark of the year's activities was the issuance of a massive six stamps sheet on the eve of the  International Stamp Exhibition "PAKPHILEX '83" - showing the cultural landscape of the old city of Lahore as seen in 1852.
 6 January: Inauguration of Quetta Natural Gas Pipeline Project
15 February:  Fauna - Butterflies showing Papilio polyctor, Polydorus aristolochiae, Danaus chrysippus, Papilio demoleus
9 March: Handicrafts
 16 March: Opening of Aga Khan University, Karachi

 28 April: Trekking in Pakistan
The stamp depicted a caravan of Yaks passing through the Hindukush mountain range
 19 May: Wildlife Series (Fauna) - Crocodylus palustris
 20 June: Wildlife Series (Fauna) - Gazella gazella bennettii
14 August 1983: The 36th Anniversary of Independence

  19 August: Indonesian-Pakistan Economic and Cultural Co-operation
 8 September: Wildlife Series (Fauna) - Grus leucogranus
 24 October: World Communications Year

 24 October: World Food Day - National Fertilizer Corporation

13 November: International Stamp Exhibition "PAKPHILEX '83" - Lahore, Pakistan
31 December Yachting Champions in Asian Games 1982, New Delhi

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