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Postage Stamps of Pakistan - 2002

Year 2002 was dedicated as the Year of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the poet philosopher who originally dreamed of the idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the British India and requested Muhammad Ali Jinnah to lead the struggle on behalf of the Muslims, which ultimately bore fruits and Pakistan surfaced on the world map as an independent country when the British divided the British India into Pakistan and India on 14th August 1947.
 17th January 2002: First stamp of the year 2002 to commemorate the 12th death anniversary of Samandar Khan Samandar.
 15th February 2002: Continuing the Medicinal Plants of Pakistan series, this Rs. 5.00 stamp bore the photo of Hyssop Plant
 28th April 2002: Year 2002 was the 50th Anniversary of Pakistan- Japan Relations. The Rs. 5.00 stamp bore the photos of famous statues of Amida Buddha Japan & Fasting Buddha Pakistan.
 27th May  2002  marked the 10th Anniversary of Pakistan-Kyrgyzstan Diplomatic Relation. The Rs. 5.00 stamp bore the flags of both countries
18th June 2002  : Continuing with the Fruits of Pakistan series, a set of four stamp was issued showing some of the sweetest mangoes of Pakistan: Anwar Ratol, Dusehri, Chaunsa and Sindhri
On the Independence Day 14th August  2002, a set of four stamps was issued to honour some of the prominent personalities whose contribution in the making of Pakistan can never be forgotten. These four stamps show Noor us Sabah Begum, I.I.Chundrigarh, Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola, and Qazi Mureed Ahmed

26th August 2002 was the World Summit on Sustainable Development held at Johannesburg. The two stamps issued on the day showed Pakistan Flag and children and the other stamp showing a drop of water and mountains
 A commemorative stamp on 31st August, 2002  was issued to honour Muhammad Ali Rangoonwala
Mohammad Ali Rangoonwala an industrialist and philanthropist was born on May 20th 1924 in Rangoon. In 1946, his involvement with the Pakistan movement gathered momentum and he worked closely with Mr. Abdullah Haroon to encourage Muslims to establish business in Pakistan. He was in contact with the nation's founder Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah laid the foundation of the first edible oil refinery in Pakistan at Karachi, which M. A. Rangoonwala established with his associates. His knowledge of edible oils was amply put to test after nationalization when he participated with the Malaysian Government in the edible oil industry in Malaysia.
Continuing with the Nishan-e-Haider series, a set of two stamps was issued on 6th September, the Defence Day of Pakistan, showing two recipients of the highest military gallantry award to Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfouz and Sawar Muhammad Sarwar (Shaheeds)
Celebrating the year 2002 as the Year of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a set of two stamps was issued on 9th November, 2002, showing portrait of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal.
Allama Muhammad Iqbal is also the national poet of Pakistan [Read more about Allama Muhammad Iqbal at Pakistanpaedia ]
14th November, 2002 : Celebrating Eid ul Fitr
20th December 2002  : A commemorative stamp was issued to acknowledge the services of Hakim Muhammad Hasan

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