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Pakistan Postage Stamps: 2006

Painters and artists have always been a treasure of heritage of any country for it is these naturally gifted people who preserve the heritage of a country through their paintings. Pakistan has been gifted with some of the world's best painters whose paintings are liked around the globe. Pakistan Post in 2006 paid a posthumous tribute to ten great painters who helped to raise an awareness of art in Pakistan and established their names in universal art world. Read details later below.
3 March 2006: Justice for All - Golden Jubilee of Supreme Court of Pakistan 
 14 April 2006: Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's Visit to Armoured Corps Centre 
13 March 2006: Centenary of birth of Begum Ra'na Liaquat Ali Khan (1905-1990). Begum Khan was wife of the first prime minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan, and played an active role during the movement for a independent nation for the Muslims of British India.

1 July 2006: Shandur Polo Festival. Shandur located at an altitude of 13,000 feet above mean sea level is the highest place in the world where polo is played. Each year the Shandur Festival is held in the first week of July and a large number local and foreign tourist about the place to enjoy the festivities of the festival and a very lively match of polo.

Read something about Moony Polo at Shandur  at JahoJalal - and know what is behind playing polo at Shandur
20 July 2006: Promotion of Tourism in Pakistan - Pakistan abounds in the natural beauty and eye catching lush green landscape and meadows that have no parallel in the world. The Payee Meadows are one of these beautiful natural trove of Pakistan. A set of four stamps was issued on 20th July showing the awe inspiring lakes of Pakistan. The lakes shown above are Hanna Lake (Quetta, Balochistan) , and three lakes namely Lake Payee, Lake Dudi Pat Sar and Lake Saif ul Maluk of Khyber Pakhtunkwa province and Gilgit Baltistan.
While every Pakistani deserves commendation for doing his bit for the progress and development of Pakistan, the artists and painters, beside other celebrities, painted endlessly to project the cultural aspirations of their dear country Pakistan. There is a long list of these great painters and calligraphers, but few definitely stand out above the rest. On 14 August 2006, the Pakistan Post issued a set of ten commemorative stamps to honour these few. 

At Pakistanpaedia, an exclusive website on Pakistan maintained by us, we have given a detail of each artist shown in this set of stamps. 
On 25th August, 2006, Pakistan Post issued a commemorative stamp on the eve of Centenray of Hamdard Service. Hamdard is an institution of eastern system of medicine dedicated for health care and education and a movement for the promotion of morality, science and culture. Pioneered by Hakeem Muhammad Saeed, the foundation has grown into an institution dedicated to all aspects of Health Care and Education.

The morning of 8th October  2005 was no different from the previous mornings for many decades in Pakistan till about 8:50 am when a powerful earth quake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale jolted Pakistan's northern areas of Balakot, Mansehra and many parts of Azad Kashmir (Pakistan administered part of Kashmir) including its capital Muzaffarabad, beside Rawlakot and Bagh. Within next ten minutes, the entire cities perished and turned into piles of rubble. As the daily scores rose, an estimated 100,000 lost their lives, 3-4 millions became homeless, including over 80-90,000 seriously wounded. A majority of the people who died consisted of school and college students. [Read more at Pakistanpaedia]
On 8th October 2006, a year after the massive tragedy, a commemorative stamp with the theme of "Build Back Better" was issued by Pakistan Post.
Continuing with the series of stamps on Medicinal Plants of Pakistan, on 30th October a set of two stamps was issued showing the Chamomilla Linn (Babuna ) and Aloe Vera plants found in Pakistan.
 On international Anti Corruption Day of the UN, a commemorative stamp was issued on 9th December 2006.
20th December 2006 was the celebration of the 10th year of establishment of the Heritage Trust of the famous Baltit Fort of Karimabad, Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. 
Baltit Fort, Hunza - Gilgit Baltistan [Photo]

Baltit Fort or Balti Fort is an ancient fort in the Hunza Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Founded in the 1st CE, it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative list since 2004. Read more about Baltit Fort here.

Centenary Celebrations (1906-2006) Muslim League , a political party that was behind the driving force for the independence movement of Pakistan, ware held on 30 December 2006. 
The set of eight stamps showed: Quaid-i-Azam   Joining  the  Muslim League  1913, Quaid-i-Azam  in  Sherwani and  Jinnah Cap 1937, Quaid-i-Azam   Addressing  Lucknow session 1907,  Quaid-i-Azam and Mohtramma Fatima Jinnah With youth and women wing 1908, Quaid-i-Azam   hosting  Muslim  League  Flag  At Manto Prak 21st March 1940, Quaid-i-Azam   addressing Lahore Session 1940, Landslide victory Election 1945-1946, and  Quaid-i-Azam   addressing First  Constituent  Assembly 14th August 1947.

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