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Pakistan Postage Stamps - 2004

Pakistan is one fo the luckiest countries of the world to house five of the fourteen Eight Thousanders peaks. K-2 or the Mt Godwin Austen ot Chogori as it is called in the local language is the second highest peak of the world after the Mt Everest. The 28, 251 feet high peak is said to be more difficult to climb than the Everest. The mountaineers say that one out of every four who attempt to scale K2 never comes back alive.

2004 celebrated the 50 years since first successful ascent of this savage mountain. Pakistan Post issued a stamp and commemorative sheet on the occasion - read details below later.

Also read more about K2 in one of earlier posts:  50 Years of Scaling the K-2 “The Savage Mountain”

 4rth January 2004: SAARC Summit, Islamabad
28th January, 2004  : Golden Jubilee - Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur - stamp showing School Building & Portrait of Nawab Sadiq Khan Abbasi (after whose name the school was so named)
 29th March 2004: Upon holding of 9th SAF Games at Islamabad March-April, a sheet of 16 stamps was issued showing different games  that were held during the games. The sheet valued Rs. 160.00 while a Rs. 200 First Day Cover was also issued on the occasion.
 7th April 2004: Death anniversary of Justice Pir Muhammad Karim Shah Al Azhari (1918-1998)
8th April 2004: Golden Jubilee of Cadet College Hasan Abdal. A FDC of Rs. 20.00 was also issued on the occasion.
 26th april 2004: Central Library Bahawalpur - First Day Cover of Rs. 10.00 also issued.
 12th May 2004: Bhong Masjid, Rahim Yar Khan - recipient ot the 1986 Agha Khan Award for Architecture
 21st May 2004: Centennial Celebrations of Federation Internationale of Football Association (FIFA)
7th June 2004: Cultural assets of Pakistan - the Silk Route. Two stamps were issued showing Silk Road & Haramosh Peak and Silk Road & the Indus River. A FDC of Rs. 40.00 was also issued on the occasion

Golden Jubilee of Sui Northern Gas Company:
24th July 2004:  - the stamp showing Juniper Forest at Ziarat. A FDC of Rs. 20.00 was also issued on the occasion.
 31st July 2004: Golden Jubilee of First ascent of K2.  A set of two stamps showing K2 were issued. A FDC of Rs. 20.00 and a souvenir sheet was also issued on the occasion.

 13th August 2004: Holding of XXVIII Athens Olympic Games

14th August 2004: 57 Independence Day Anniversary - a set of four stamps showing the portrait  & Sayings of Quaid –i-Azam & Flag. The sheet of four stamps was valued Rs. 80.00 and the  First Day Cover was valued Rs. 80.00
 16th August: Men of Letter Series - Baba-e-Urdu Maulvi Abdul Haq - First Day Cover  also issued for Rs. 20.00
1st October, 2004 : IV International Calligraphy and Calligraphy Art Exhibition and Competition, Pakistan - 2004L CALLIGRAPHY
9th OCtober 2004: On eve of Universal Postal Union Day, the National Philatelic Exhibition was held at Lahore. The set of five stamps showed popular aquarium varieties of tropic fish -  First Day Cover  also issued for Rs. 100.00

8th November 2004 : Celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Japan's assistance for economic development and cooperations for eradication of diseases, a set of four stamps was issued showing projects like Student Initiative, Training of Handicapped Polio Eradication, the Ghazi Brotha Power Project  and Friendship Tunnel (Kohat).

 20th November, 2004: Declaration of Year 2004 as the Year of Child Right. First Day Cover  also issued for Rs. 20.00
 6th December, 2004: 30 Years of Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad. First Day Cover  also issued for Rs. 50.00
30th December, 2004 : Golden Jubilee Khyber Medical College, Peshawar. First Day Cover  also issued for Rs. 20.00

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