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Pakistan Postage Stamps - 1999

1999 marked the first anniversary of Pakistan's testing its nuclear devices on 28th May 1998 in Ras Koh Hills in the Chagai District of Balochistan Province. The tests made Pakistan the seventh nation to possess nuclear weapons, and the first in the Muslim world. 

All five atomic devices, code named Chaghi-I (Ras Koh Hills), were spherical-implosion-type nuclear weapons and were tested underground under the hills. At the time of explosions, the mountains almost turned colour and upper crust became just dust as can be seen from the Pakistan Television screen shot above. 

Pakistan's second nuclear test, Chagai-II, followed on 30 May 1998 in the Kharan Desert in Balochistan Province.  The tests detonated implosion-type boosted-fission military-grade plutonium devices, contrary to the Chagai-I tests that were weapons-grade uranium devices. The performance of these tests made it a total of six tests performed by Pakistan in May 1998. [3]
Besides issuing a commemorative stamp to celebrate the first anniversary of Pakistan's nuclear testing, Pakistan Post  issued commemorative stamps on twenty two different occasions, starting the year on the eve of holding of the international conference on the 100 years of Saudi Arabia on 27th January 1999:
Three stamps were issued on the occasion of Rs. 2,15 and 20
 14th April 1999: SCIENTISTS OF PAKISTAN SERIES commemorating the famous scientist PROF. DR. SALIMUZZAAMAN SIDDIQI
On the occasion of testing of the nuclear devices, a commemorative stamp of Rs. 5 denomination was issued on the theme of "Yaum-e-Takbeer - Pakistan's Quest for Self Reliance." The stamp showed the Pakistan Flag, Chagi and Words Yaum-e-Takbeer in Urdu.
 31 May: Completion of Data Darbar Complex in Lahore
On the theme of Archaeological Heritage of Pakistan in which Pakistan abounds, specially the Gandhara Civilization, a set of three commemorative stamps was issued showing the statue of Fasting Buddha, a priceless relic on display in Lahore Museum.
 On the eve of 50th anniversary of the famous Geneva Convention, a commemorative stamp was issued of Rs. 5 denomination on 12th August 1999.
Continuing with the Pioneer of freedom (series) to acknowledge the services of some great names that participated actively in the struggle for attaining freedom from the British yoke prior to 1947, when Pakistan finally got independence, a set of three stamps was issued on 14th August to commemorate services of Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood, Ch. M. Ali, Maulana Abdul Hamid Badayuni.
16th August was the second death anniversary of the world famous music maestro Nusrat Fatheh Ali Khan (1948-97). A stamp of Rs.2 denomination was issued to remember the services of Ustad. Read more about him at Pakistanpaedia.
 18th September: Silver Jubilee Islamic Development Bank
21st September 1999: Golden Jubilee celebrations of founding of the People's Republic of China.
The two stamps showed the head portrait of Chairman Mao Zedong & Emblem and People Celebrating Event

28th  September  1999 was the holding of the 9th Asian Sailing Championship at Karachi:
 The set of five stamps showed Optimist, Laser, Mistral, Enterprise, 470A sailing vessels.
 7th October  1999: 10th Optimist Sailing Championship, Karachi sowing Optimist Boats
 9th October 1999: 12th anniversary of the Universal Postal Union
 17TH October 1999: First Anniversary of the martyrdom of Hakim Muhammad Saeed
 8th NOVEMBER 1999: Golden Jubilee of the National Bank of Pakistan
 15th NOVEMBER 1999: Centenary of Shell in Pakistan
20th NOVEMBER 1999: Decade celebration "Convention on the Rights of the Child"
20th Novemebr: Silver Jubilee of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), Islamabad 
 5TH December  1999: Birth Centenary of Josh Malihabadi, a famous poet of Urdu poetry
 6th December:  SCIENTISTS OF PAKISTAN SERIES commemorating the famous scientist Dr M Afzal Hussain Qadri for his research work on insects
10th December: Men of Letter series: Ghulam Bari Alleeg
20th December: Medicinal Plants of Pakistan Series - Spogel Seed / Plantation
On the eve of Eid ul Fitr on 24th December 1999, a set of two stamps was issued showing the Masjid-e-Nabvi, the Mosque of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) at Madina, Saudi Arabia.

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