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Pakistan Postage Stamps - 1981

The Karakoram mountain range is spread over some 400 kilometres and over 192 kilometres wide. Protected Himalayas on south-east, Hindu-Kush on south-west, Kun-Lun chain of China on the north, the Pamirs on the west and high desolate Tibetan Plateau on the east, the Karakoram forms the greatest barrier on earth to the migration of the people. The mighty Indus river, one of the fifteen longest rivers of the world, forces its way through the Karakorams and the Himalayas. The Karakorams are also known as the highest mountains range of the world since it houses seven peaks over 26,000 feet and thirty others over 25,000 feet. That is on an average the Karakoram tops are 25,000 feet and above.

In Pakistan, four of the fourteen Eight Thousanders are located in the Karakoram mountain range, including the K-2, second highest peak after Mt Everest. Pakistan Post published stamps of these four peaks during the year 1981. Read more below.
7 January 1981: The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Heinrich von Stephan, 1831-1897
Heinrich von Stephan was a general post director for the German Empire who reorganized the German postal service. He was integral in the founding of the Universal Postal Union in 1874, and in 1877 introduced the telephone to Germany. 
 15 February 1981: The 50th Anniversary of Airmail Service

 7 March 1981: The 1500th Anniversary of Hegira - the stamps shows the word Hegira in Arabic with photos of the Khan-e-Kaabah and Masjid-e-Nabvi
1980-81 was the troubled times when Russia invaded Afghanistan that caused the biggest refugee movement from one country to another. Approximately three million Afghan refugees moved into Pakistan to save them from the war in their country. 

During the 3rd Islamic Summit Conference held at Makkah, Saudi Arabia, two sets of stamps were issued by Pakistan Post. The first set was exclusive to the Afghan refugees and their settlement, as below:
 29 March 1981: The 3rd Islamic Summit Conference, Makkah Al Mukarramah
Since 1981, the Afghan refugees continued to be hosted by Pakistan as the re has never been peace in Afghanistan even after withdrawal of the Russian forces. It is an irony that despite Pakistan's hospitality, the Afghans remain bitterly hostile to Pakistan till date.
 20 April 1981: The 3rd Islamic Summit Conference, Makkah Al Mukarramah

 19 May 1981: The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Kemal Ataturk, 1881-1938
 Pakistan and Turkey enjoy one of the most cordial brotherly relation. Whenever, there is an occasion to celebrate in Turkey, Pakistan Post always remembers it and issues commemorative stamps.

Flora and Fauna of Pakistan is unique and some of the endangered species of fauna are found in Pakistan. Read more about fauna of Pakistan and some of the endangered species like the MArkhor, Marco Polo sheep and the Snow Leopard at Pakistanpaedia
20 June 1981: Fauna: Green Turtle

25 July  1981: Palestinian Welfare
A commemorative stamp was issued by Pakistan Post on the theme of Palestinian Welfare for the welfare of the families of martyrs and freedom fighter of Palestine. Even after decades of struggle, Palestine still remains hostage to atrocities of Israel and each day one listens to bombardment of Palestine by Israel, martyring more and more Palestinians, while the world conscious sleeps.
20 August  1981: Mountain Peaks of Pakistan - Karakoram

Read our exclusive post on the karakoram stamps: Karakoram Peaks by Pakistan Post

 31 August 1981: Inauguration of Furnace No. 1 of Pakistan Steel

 19 September 1981: Fauna: Western Tragopan

12 December 1981: International Year for Disabled Persons
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