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Pakistan Postage Stamps - 1978

Pakistan Post issued stamps both commemorative and definitive series on 11 different occasions during 1978. Details as under:
 5 February 1978: Indonesia-Pakistan Economic and Cultural Co-operation Organization or IPECC
 20 April 1978: World Health Day - World Hypertension Month
 8 May 1978: The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Henri Dunant, 1828-1910
Henry Dunant, also known as Henri Dunant, was a Swiss humanitarian, businessman and social activist. He was the visionary, promoter and co-founder of the Red Cross. 
 21 July 1978: The 14th Anniversary of Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD)
The stamps showed varieties of roses from each country: Paisa 20 - Red Rose Pakistan, Paisa 90 - Pink Rose, Iran and Rs. 2.00 Yellow Rose, Turkey
 26 August 1978: International Stamp Exhibition "RICCIONE '78" - Riccione, Italy
 3 September 1978: Conference on U.N. Technical Co-operation amongst Developing Countries
29 September 1978: The 100th Anniversary of Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Karachi

During the year, Pakistan Post published a number of stamps in the Definitive Series: These included the Minar-e-Pakistan, Tractor and Makli series stamps:
 7 November 1978: Independence Monument Minar-e-Pakistan
 20 November 1978: International Anti-Apartheid Year
 10 December 1978: The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar, 1878-1931
 16 December 1978: Definitive Series (Tractors)

A sets of six Definitive stamps bearing photo of Makli Necropolis

Read more about Makli Necropolis [Pakistanpaedia]

24 December 1978: The 75th Anniversary of First Powered Flight

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