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Postage Stamps issued by Pakistan Post - 1975

Pakistan Post issued stamps on twelve occasions during 1975. 

 The first stamp of the year was published on 14th January on the eve of birth centenary of Dr Albert Schweitzer. The Rs. 2.25 multicoloured stamp showed portrait of Dr Albert Schweitzer and River Scene.

The second stamp was published just on the next day on 15th January on celebrate South Asia Tourism Year, The Rs. 2.25 multicoloured stamp bore the emblem of the Tourism Year.

A set of two stamps came up on 22nd February on the eve of first anniversary of the second Islamic Summit  that was held in Lahore a year ago. The two stamps of 20p and Rs.1.00 bore the head portrait of Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto, the then PM of Pakistan with flags of all Islamic countries of the world shown in a circle.

The next stamps came on 15th June to commemorate the International Women Year. The 20p stamps showed a woman busy in scientific research, while the second stamp of Rs. 2.25 showed a girl and a female teacher, depicting adult education.

14th July is celebrated as the International Congress of Mathematical Sciences and on this day a 20p multicoloured stamp was issued depicting a globe and an algebraic symbol.


Year 1975 celebrated the 11th anniversary of RCD, a common platform for the three Islamic countries Pakistan, IRan and Turkey for regional development. The highlight of the day has been to issue stamps by all three member countries. Pakistan Post issued three stamps: the 20p stamp depicted Iranian Tiles, the 60p stamp showed camel skin case of Pakistan, while the Rs. 1.25 stamp depicted Porcelain Vase from Turkey.

The 7th stamp of the year was published on 9th August on the National Tree Plantation Day. every year a massive tree plantation campaign is launched during the monsoon season to increase the area under trees in the country. The 20p multicoloured stamps depicted a sapling and a dead tree.


On 30th September, a set of two stamps showing black partridge was published of the face value of 20p and Rs. 2.25 in the series of stamps on the wild life in Pakistan.

To commemorate the International Children Day, a 20p stamps was issued on 6th October showing girls wearing traditional dresses.

Amir Khsuro (1253–1325) was a famous Persian language poet and musician of Indo-Pak sub-continent. He compiled the oldest known printed dictionary (Khaliq-e-bari) in 1320 which mainly dealt with Hindvi and Persian words. He is also regarded as the "father of qawwali" (the devotional music of the Sufis in the Indian subcontinent).

To commemorate his 700th anniversary, a set of two stamps of 20p and Rs. 2.25 was published showing Amir Khusro and the musical instruments.

On the eve of the birth centenary of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a stamp of 20p was published on 9th November, the date of birth of the visionary poet who dreamed of Pakistan to be carved out of the British India as a separate Muslim country.


The last stamp of 1975 was published on the last day of the year  as part of the wild life series stamps, a set of two stamps depicting Urial was issued on 31st December.

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