Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A page from my stamp album - Iran

Some of the rare stamps of Iran

These are some of the oldest stamps of Iran that I have. The Ahmad Shah Qajar definitives date back to 1911-14, while others bearing overprint show the year of issue as 1926. This means the stamp are something around 95 years old. Another few years from hence these would be 100 years old.


It's a nice collection.
Just for information:
Not all of them are from the era of Ahmad shah.Actually ,in the right column, There is three stamps from Nassiridin shah(Ahmad's great grandfather) and one from Mohammed Ali shah(Ahmad's father).I've got an almost complete collection of Qajar stamps.All the same There is some overprinted stamps of Reza shah Pahlivi's era(Dated from 1305 H.S. that is equal to 1926.
The red stamp on the right side at the bottom is not Persian.It's from Ottoman Empire.


Thank you Mehdi for the information and spotting the Ottoman Empire stamp

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