Friday, June 4, 2010

Inauguration of First Nuclear Science Training Institute in Pakistan

In the late fifties, when Pakistan embarked upon nuclear program, two major constraints were immediately faced: the dearth of appropriately trained manpower and the absence of even rudiments of a viable scientific and industrial infrastructure. The solution to these problems was the establishment of research, development and training centers. The first major step in this direction was the establishment of Pakistan institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTECH), at Nilore, near Islamabad.

Designed by world-renowned architect Edward Durrell Stone, PINSTECH blends eastern elegance with western functionality. Construction of the Institute proceeded in two stages: In the first stage, reactor building and ancillary facilities were completed with the reactor becoming critical on 21st December 1965. The second stage, consisting of various laboratories, workshop, library and auditorium, became operational in 1974. The project won the 1966 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Professional Award for design excellence.


On its inauguration, which was indeed a hallmark in the history of Pakistan, the Pakistan Post issued a commemorative stamp of 15 Paisa on 30th April 1966.

Today, PINSTECH is the premier scientific R & D centre of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. PINSTECH symbolizes the will and the ability of a small developing nation to embark upon a viable nuclear program aimed at peaceful exploitation of atomic energy for socio-economic uplift. Self reliance is the basic philosophy shaping the evolution of the institute's facilities and R&D program, and has become the hallmark of its achievements.

Write up with the courtesy of official website of Pinstech


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