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Postage Stamps of Pakistan - 2016

In 2016, Pakistan Post issued sixteen stamps throughout the year, mostly commemorative stamps. Herein under is the detail:

The first stamp of the year was issued on 10 February, 2016 on Completion of 50 Years of Safe Operation of 1st NUCLEAR RE-SEARCH REACTOR in Pakistan - established at Nilore, a village near the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad in 1966.
 The second stamp was issued on 22 Mar, 2016 - carrying a message to conserve water in the country by the WAPDA, the Water and Power Development Authority.
 The third stamp was issued on 26 April, 2016. This stamp i sthe part of long series of stamps showing images of important people who took active part in the history of Pakistan and who stood united against the British rule in the Indian subcontinent. Their struggle under the father of the nation Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah, commonly revered as the Quaid-e-Azam. This rupee 10 stamps bears image of one such personalities:  DEWAN BAHADUR S.P. SINGHA
The fourth stamp was issued on 22 April, 2016, on the NATIONAL BOOK DAY. National Book Foundation is a government run foundation to patronize printing of books at affordable prices in the country.
Pakistan and People's Republic of China share a long bondage of friendship since 1964 when the then president of Pakistan Muhammad Ayub Khan visited China to pen down a treaty of friendship. Since then, China has always stood shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan whenever the latter needed a help. Pakistan International Airlines also became the ffirst airline to land at Peking, now Beijing, air port.

To commemorate Establishment of 65th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and China a commemorative stamp was issued on 1 May, 2016, showing mega projects undertaken by China in Pakistan.
Abdul Sattar Edhi has been a person just like Mother Tresa. Rising from the rag tag of the society, Edhi knew the sufferings of the down trodden and established a well netted organization which has become on of the largest charity funded organizations in the world. The Edhi Foundation, raised and managed by Edhi and his wife, Bilqees Edhi, is operating the largest ambulance service of the world, duly recognized by the Guinness Book of World Record.

The Philanthropist died in 2016 after a long illness and a commemorative stamp was issued on the 14th August 2016, the independence day of Pakistan, as a tribute to the services rendered by Edhi and his foundation.

On 6 September, 2016, a set of three commemorative oval stamps was published by the Pakistan Post on the Centenary of The DGTR House Building (Old Custom House) Karachi, Pakistan. The Victorian architecture was built by the British back in 1916.
Habib Bank Limited is the oldest commercial bank in Pakistan. On 23 September, 2016, on the eve of the PLATINUM JUBILEE HABIB BANK LIMITED (1941 - 2016, a commemorative stamp of Rupees Eight was issued which shows the Habib Bank Tower located at the I.I.Chundrigarh Road, Karachi.

On completetion of the 50 Years of Establishment Diplomatic Relations Pakistan and Singapore, a Joint Issue of two Commemorative stamps was issued on 10 October 2016 as under:

Pakistan and Belarus have established strong friendly relations since latter's independence from the yoke of erstwhile USSR. On 5 October, 2016 a joint issue of two stamps was issued by both countries to foster friendly relations and establishment of trade ties.

The stamps show the picturesque Saif ul Muluk Lake of Pakistan and Narochansky National Park of Belarus
On 20 November, 2016, a commemorative stamp on Rotary Foundation of Pakistan was issued by the Pakistan Post.
On 26 November, 2016 on the occasion of  Sesquicentennial Celebrations Lahore High Court a commemorative postage stamp was issued. The majestic Victorian style architecture is one the famous landmarks of Lahore, Pakistan on the famous Mall Road.
 07 December, a Rupees 8 commemorative stamp was issued on the National Voter's Day on behalf of the Election Commission of Pakistan.
On 20 December, 2016 a commemorative stamp of Rupees Eight was issued to pay homage to the services of Dinsha B Avari, a philanthropist and businessman of Pakistan.
The last set if stamps of the year was issued on On 30 December, 2016 after a Child Art Competition Stamps National Stamp Exhibition'Pakistan 2016' was held at Karachi. The set of Special Postage Stamps shows the best art work by some of the children, some even aged less than 10 years.

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