Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Pakistan Postage Stamps - 1985

1985 was a great year for Pakistan for its Hockey Team bagged the 1985 Asia Cup held at Dacca to earn its grand slam by winning three world titles simultaneously. It had already won the World Cup title in 1982 held at Bombay, India, followed by the 1984 Olympic title at L A, USA. Pakistan Post rightly credited the National Hockey Team by issuing a commemorative stamp to celebrate the grand slam.
 5 January: The 75th Anniversary of Girl Guide Movement
15 January: Inauguration of Pakistan Steel Corporation, showing Melting Ore  / Pouring Molten steel from Ladle
 20 March: Presidential Referendum of 19 December 1984
 23 March: 1985 was the election year for National Assembly, symbolizing it with Word Democracy / Ballot Box and the Minar-e-Pakistan
27 May: Mountain Peaks Series, showing the Rakaposhi (Karakoram) - Nanga Parbat (Western Himalaya). It may be added that Nanga Parbat or the naked mountain at 8,126m is one of the 14 Eight Thousanders of the world.  Rakaposhi means "Snow Covered" at 7,788 m (25,551 ft)  is the 27th highest peak of the world.
 5 June: Pakistan Hockey Team "Grand Slam" Success
 28 July: The 125th Anniversary of King Edward Medical College, Lahore
 14 August: The 38th Anniversary of Independence

 1 September: The 100th Anniversary of Islam School Sindh Madressah-tul-Islam, Karachi

 14 September: Inauguration of New Jamia Masjid Mosque, Karachi
21 September: The 125th Anniversary of Lawrence College, Murree
 24 October: The 40th Anniversary of United Nations Organization
 8 November:International Youth Year - The 10th National Scout Jamboree
30 November: The 25th Anniversary of Islamabad
8 December: The 1st Summit Meeting of South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation, Dhaka

14 December: The 25th Anniversary of U.N. General Assembly's Declaration on Independence for Colonial Territories

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