Monday, January 25, 2010

The First Stamps

The famous Penny Black of the UK, published in 1840, became the first regular postage stamp of the world (above centre). The first US stamps were the 5-cent Franklin and ten-cent Washington of 1847 (above right). Unlike the Penny Black, the interest in stamps in USA was rather slow in the beginning, but picked up pace slowly and gradually in following years. 

Like most early stamps, they were issued imperforate, and had to be separated with scissors, or torn; moreover, they were printed with relatively small separation between the images, making it difficult today to find a good used copy, i.e. one that does not have a part of the design cut off.


As for Pakistan, after the partition of united India into two sovereign states of India and Pakistan in August 1947, the first indigenous Pakistani stamp was issued almost a year later in July 1948, printed for Pakistan (above left). 

Prior to this, the British Indian stamps with the overprint "Pakistan" in English had been in use. The 1 Re stamp was engraved with Urdu inscription reading "Long Live Pakistan" . The stamp was designed by famous water colour maestro Abdul Rehman Chughtai 

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