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Pakistan Postage Stamps - 1993

The year 1993 started with the issue of four beautiful stamps of Rs. 6 denomination each showing the Women's Costumes in the four provinces of Pakistani on 10 March. The above two stamps show traditional women dress of the Sind and Balochistan province, while the stamps below show women clad in traditional dresses of provinces of Punjab and NWFP.

25. April: The 21st Conference of Islamic Foreign Ministers, Karachi
17 May: World Telecommunication Day
20 June: Medicinal Plants of Pakistan series - Foeniculum vulgare
Continuing with the series of stamps on the Pioneers of Freedom, three more stamps were issued during the year 1993 on 14th August on the eve of Independence Day of Pakistan. The stamps bore the portraits of Ghulam Mohammad Bhurgri, Mir Ahmed Yar Khan and Mohammad Pir Sahib Zakori Sharif.
1 September: The 100th Anniversary of Gordon College, Rawalpindi

The Juniper forests of Balochistan province of Pakistan, the second largest forests of Juniper in the world,  are an ecological and cultural treasure of the country. These rare and centuries old forests are located in Ziarat and Zarghoon areas of Balochistan. Junipers are one of the slowest growing trees in the world and are therefore often called “living fossils” Although they are also found in some other parts of Pakistan, Balochistan’s Junipers are one of the biggest blocks in the world. But all that is slowly changing. Where there was lush green density only a few decades ago, one can now see wasteland patches. Similarly one can also observe lesser number of smaller offshoots around the bigger trees. [Pakistanpaedia]
On 30 September, a stamp was issued part of the campaign "Save the Juniper Forest, Ziarat"
16 October: World Food Day
28 October: The 50th Anniversary of Burn Hall Institutions, Abbottabad
18 November: The 16th Anniversary of South and West Asia Postal Union
10 December: International Medical Congress of Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons, Karachi

The last stamp of the year was issued on 25 December commemorating the 117th Anniversary of the birth of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 1876-1948, the founder of the country known as the Quaid -e- Azam. Thes tamp showed three storeyed Wazir Mansion, Karachi where Mr Jinnah was born.
Wazir Mansion, Kharadar, Karachi [Photo: Wikipedia]

The building located in the Kharadar district of Karachi was built during 1860-1870 with stone masonry in lime and jute mortar to suit the volatile weather of Karachi. The building has since 2010 turned into a library and museum

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