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Pakistan Postage Stamps issued during the year 2014

Pakistan Post issued 15 stamps during the year 2014 on following occasions:

Rs.15 .00 Multicolored of continuing series of (Men of Letters with the portrait of poet Habib Jalib (1928-1993) on 12th March. Jalib was a revolutionary poet, a left-wing activist who opposed martial law, authoritarianism and state oppression and expressed his disdain in his fiery poetry

Second stamp of the year was in memory of legendary ace fighter pilot Air Commodore Muhammad Mahmood Alam who made headlines on 7 September 1965 during the Indo-Pak war by shooting down 5 enemy aircraft in less than a minute – the first four within 30 seconds – establishing a world record, with his F-86 jet. Alam was awarded Sitar-e-Jurrat (Star of Courage) twice for his brave and daring action. In all he shot down nine Indian fighter aircraft during the war.

The stamp issued on 20 March was of Rs. 8.00 denomination showing the then Squadron Leader M.M.Alam standing in the cockpit of his F-86 fighter jet. 
The third issue of Rs. 8.00 denomnation was on 6 April showing portrait of H.M.Habib ( 1936-2013), one of the great bankers of Pakistan, and the owner of Habib Bank of Pakistan.

On the 50th anniversary of Lahore's Forman Christan College, commonly known as the FC College, a Rs. 8.00 commemorative stamp was issued on 14 May showing the college building and its emblem. 
The fifth stamp was issued on 1 June on the eve of the golden jubilee of Pakistan Navy submarine force. The Rs. 10.00 commemorative stamp shows Pakistan's flag on the top, a submarine and the force emblem. 
On the 100th aniiversary of the Frontier Constabalr, a Rs. 8.00 commemorative stamp was issued on 11 July . Frontier Constablry was founded by the British to maintain law and order in the undemarcated region of the frontier region of the then British Empire, bordering Afghanistan. The stamp has been designed By Frontier Constabulary. 
The seventh stamp of the year was to commeorate the 100th years of the Sahiwal breed of cows' conservation (1914-2014) on 5 August. The Rs. 8.00 multicoloured stamp shows the famous Sahiwal breed of cow, famous for its milk giving capacity and health beef.

Please read more about the Sahiwal cows at: The Cow and the City

A set of two stamps was issued on 11 August on the concept of Pakistan 2015 - One Nation - One Vision. The Rs. 8.00 stamp portrayed the vision and the Rs. 10.00 stamp portrayed the Rising Sun depicting the vision.
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is a national institiuion to curb corruption and enure tranparent accountability. On the eve of the International Anti Corruption Day, a Commemorative Postage was published on December 09,2014, showing the NAB emblem and its motto: "Say No To Corruption" 
On the eve of 100th Birthay Anniversary of Norman E.Borlaug Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and the father of green revolution, a commemorative stamp of Rs. 8.00 was issued on December 04,2014  
A special Postage Stamps showing the GEMS & MINERALS of Pakistan was issued on December 11,2014 
A Joint Issue Pakistan-Ukraine Commemorative Postage Stamp & Special Souvenir Sheet was issued both by Pakistan and Ukraine of Rs. 20 each showing the monuments of ancient cultures of both friendly countries on December 25. 
The last stamp was issued on 23 December on the eve of 14th National Scout Jamboree. 
Stamps courtesy Pakistan Post

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