Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A page from my stamp album (s)

I have been sharing individual stamps, mainly from Pakistan, with my viewers so far. But from now on, I shall be sharing pages from my stamp albums showing stamps of different countries. I have already posted stamp pages of Germany, Poland , Spain and China (following this post).

Interestingly, all stamps are at least 45 years old (and later) as I started collecting stamps in 1965. But in some cases the stamps are even 65 years old, as can be seen in case of Germany carrying portrait of the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler which were printed prior to 1945. So that makes it something like 65 years old. My active stamp collecting came to an end in 1975 when I left to find bread and butter for myself. But my albums continued to be very dear to me all these years. Today I got these out of my sealed cartons to share these with the world.

So brace yourself for much more pages from my stamp albums in days to come.


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