Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Stamps – Pakistan

Upon independence form the British India on 14 august 1947, Pakistan continued to use the old British Indian stamps with the word “Pakistan” over printed on these stamps. It was not until 9th July 1948, did the Pakistan Post issued a set of four commemorative stamps with a face value of One and a Half, Two and a Half and 3 Anas and Re.1. The stamps pictured above bore the photographs of Assembly Building (Karachi), Karachi Airport and Lahore Fort. The fourth stamp (Rupee. 1) bore a Crescent and Star with word “Pakistan” written inside the crescent and the word Long Live Pakistan, written on the lower border. Both inscriptions were in Urdu. This stamp was designed by the famous water colour maestro Abdul Rehman Chughtai

The stamps were withdrawn from sale with effect from 1st October 1959.

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