Sunday, February 21, 2010

World’s First Multimedia Postage Stamp

I was surfing the postage stamps news the other day when a news halted me in my search. The news were both  interesting,  and digital never heard before. And coming from a small country amazed me more. Bhutan, a tiny Himalayan Kingdom sandwiched between China and India, has a a unique history of issuing amazing and innovative stamps. 

And this time, it has issued what is called the world's first "Multimedia Postage Stamp." Amazing - isn't it? Well for those who are avid stamp collectors, this may not. But for others who do not know, let me add more for their surprise. Bhutan has already issued a scented stamp (it smelled like a rose), a 3-D stamp, a steel stamp, and a silk stamp. They even issued a vinyl record stamp (in 1973), which is still treasured by collectors today - it played the Bhutan national anthem.

So do look for stamps of Bhutan to find use of yet another technology.

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