Monday, February 1, 2010

Handicrafts of Pakistan

The cottage industry of Pakistan thrives existed much before we became an independent country. The handicrafts made from these small places stand out in the world for their uniqueness and quality. These include many kinds of jewelry, footwear, clothes, woodcraft, blue pottery, camel skin objects (specially lamps), objects made from onyx and marble, salt lamps and many other things. 

In fact the rich cultural heritage that Pakistan has inherited from its history which is as old as 7000-9000 years old, has its imprints on our handicrafts. n the year 2003, Pakistan's exports hit the US$ 10 billion mark, mainly because of its handicrafts and textile commodities, which certainly is only the beginning of a long journey of robust economic growth.

Pakistan Post has always valued the valuable heritage of our handicrafts and has issued many stamps on different occasion down the time line. A set of five stamps to project the small scale industry of Pakistan - 10 November 1962.  The details of stamps exclusively on handicrafts can be found in the “Commemorative Stamps of Pakistan” section of my website Pakistanpaedia, beside details on the handicrafts.

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  1. This is a beautiful way to document history through stamps.