Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Theme for 2010 – The Year of Tiger

The theme around the world for year 2010 is “The Year of the Tiger”, corresponding to the Chinese Lunar Year. The tiger is the third sign in the Chinese zodiac of 12 animals. The white tiger is one of the four guardian gods ― three others are the blue dragon, the red bird and the black tortoise. They protect the four major directions with the tiger taking care of the west. The Chinese year system is also observed in Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Mongolia and Tibet besides China

Tigers have been a symbol of power and have been revered with awe in above mentioned south-east Asian countries. Tigers are powerful hunters and are endowed with grandeur. Though tiger is a ferocious animal, it is also regarded as divine animal with the power to repel wicked demons. Therefore, many a household in the countries using Chinese Year system, hang pictures of tigers in their houses to ward off bad luck.


Individuals born during the Year of the Tiger are said to be courageous, possessing hidden reserves of strength. They are also thought to be both candid and mysterious. Those who know Marilyn Monroe, Stevie Wonder and Tom Cruise would know that.

In order to commemorate the occasion, many a countries around the world have issued special stamps bearing the photos or caricature of the tiger. Even countries including the New Zealand and USA have issued such stamps. So enjoy these stamps, specially if you were born in the Year of the Tiger.

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